Princess of Iceland

The wind was blowing through your hair,
Long and black as the sky at night.
You look like an elf from a fairy tale,
Taking a rest from an eternal flight.
Your face is lighted by the moon,
Shining into your chestnut brown eyes,
As you're walking through the nature of Iceland,
Passing by mountains of fire and ice.

The snow is melting under your naked feet.
The wind gives you a tender caress,
Gently touching your velvet skin,
Blowing through your long white dress.
Under the ice a fire is burning,
Raising a geyser like a wishing well.
You pass it by with a silent wish,
A wish from your heart you never will tell.

It seems like you have a weight on your heart,
Something that's almost making you cry.
As the wind is touching your cheeks
A single tear is leaving your eye.
I wish I could kiss your tear away,
Take you in my arms and hold you tight.
Only you and me under the stars,
During the long and cold polar night.