About the Five Sages

Once, in the year 1994, thirty pupils started their way to the Great Latinum. But the way was long and stony and only few of them could successfully finish it. Now, after they have engaged more or less in the latin language for many years, five 'iron' Latinists remained to accept the last challenges of the Roman's philosophy. Because those who study the language of the Romans also have the key to their writings and art.

And those are manifold: Starting with everyday life, tales, warfare and stoic philosophy. We did not stop our lessons, we had verbose discussions even through the double lessons. We were actively supported by Mrs. Ditter-Möslein. We even used additional lessons for the writings and art of the Romans. So, one evening we met to enjoy the Roman cuisine.

All in all it was a nice time. On a stony way to the stars!


The Five Sages